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Beluuuuuuuga. [Sep. 15th, 2008|08:25 pm]
This is definitely the strangest thing I've ever invested in.
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Several things. [Sep. 13th, 2008|10:03 pm]
Any time I read back on this journal, I become horribly embarrassed and wonder how you guys EVER wanted to be my friends XDDD

More seriously...lately I've been thinking how things with Rita must have been MUCH worse than we realised at the time, and that's interesting. Of all the things I've done and shit, that's the worst i think.

....how is that possible?
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I'm calling on you, LJ, to make me a dancer. [Aug. 30th, 2008|03:52 pm]

To everyone on my friendslist, to on their friendslist:

If you dance, what studio do you go to? I want to get back into ballet, but while it's easy to find beginning classes for four-year-olds, sixteen is a whole new ballpark.
Get back to me on existence and prices :)
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Alex = Amazingness [Dec. 13th, 2007|09:52 pm]
He got into Flagler. Which is good. Because lots of things that he/ sometimes I/ sometimes we were planning involved him getting in. So it's all good <3
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Lord jesus [Nov. 21st, 2007|11:32 am]
It's been really really long. 13 weeks actually.

IT'S ALEX'S FUCKING EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY! he can now buy cigarettes, vote, order online porn, go into Adam and Eve's, and go to jail.



I'm in love with myself in this picture.

oh yes.
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Its been three weeks, anyhow. [Aug. 15th, 2007|05:21 pm]
Current location: Outside Gatlinburg, Tennessee with alex.
been here for a couple of days.
Friday: Left St. Aug, went to Savannah. LOVE Savannah GA.
Saturday: Got here.
Sunday: Downtown Gatlinburg, which is where taylor and I went on spring break.
Monday: Dollywood.
Tuesday: Splash Country.
Wednesday: White-water rafting.
Planned Thursday: Dollywood again.
Planned Friday: ?
Leave early Saturday.

Current hair: Shaved. baaaaaald.

Current mood: very happy.

we vogue in the bottom.
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Four-wheeler lovin' [Jun. 16th, 2007|01:59 pm]
My little brother just got a bright yellow four-wheeler.

It's love.
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(no subject) [Jun. 14th, 2007|06:33 pm]
So I got my report card and I'm really pissed.
My GPA went down shitloads, and I did the worst on the FCAT that I've ever done.
(assuming I'm reading it right) I got 3's in both Reading and Math, and in NRT reading I got 96%tile and math 95%.
This is the worst i've ever done. I need to get my ass in gear because this shit isn't good.
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Tank Girl <333333 [Jun. 2nd, 2007|10:52 pm]
I am so bloody obsessed.
Already my favorite movie.

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last night angst (written yesterday) and phone angst. [Jun. 2nd, 2007|11:52 am]
<lj-cut text="Ever the influence, Coreh.">

<center> <font color=blue>

My Family. </font>

My family has too many problems that I am uncomfortable with addressing to so large and anonymous an audience. The thing is, I believe we stopped loving and caring about each other some years ago. We are all selfish, illusioned, and very very screwed up. Pack all this into one house and make them poor to boot, and there's not a happy equation.

<font color=blue>

Alex. </font>

I've never been in love before, so I could be wrong (I could ALWAYS be wrong), but I believe this is it. Only, I fuck things up so much that it's a tad bit laughable to think I could ever be with anybody and make them happy. People who know me as a friend know that I am volatile; close friends are aware that I'm mercurial; the boys I date know that I'm a bipolar who's opinion, reactions, or feelings are subject to change much as a puff of wind kills a smoke ring. Poetic enough for you? I'm a crazy, psychotic, chaotic bitch. I WARN people about this, I tell them, 'Don't be surprised, don't be hurt, don't be disillusioned." and always they are. I don't even think Alex likes me; a fact I've informed him of. And all I did was hurt him AGAIN because he doesn't know how to prove that he loves me. I know he does, but I don't think he does, and that makes a world of difference. 

<font color=blue>

Mon amis. ,</font>

I am getting better at being dependable; I am easier to talk to, and more likely to be there. So there's that.


I'm rather angry actually. My dad bought me a $50 phone card....not knowing that my phone won't turn on. So. Once Alex picks me up (IF he does, he may be too tired), I'm going to have him take me to Target (where i got the phone) to see if I can either refund the card, or have them tell me what's wrong with my phone. 
I'm still certain I won't come out of there happy.
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